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Providing customer services since December 2023
  1. You are entitled to a refund if:
    1.1: The setup is unresponsive and you are not helped within 3 days.
    1.2: The service does not work as intended within 24 hours and you are not helped.
    1.3: You do not chargeback: Please message us first.

  2. We are not responsible for:
    2.1: Your group being successful or failing.
    2.2: You keeping up with updates and changes with Clan Labs.
    2.3: Who you make Owner, HICOM, Supervisor, or Officer.
    2.4: Your configurations.
    2.5: Putting the bot in your discord.
    2.6: Informing staff that you need the Roblox account in your group.

  3. You may not:
    3.1: Abuse the API such as exhaust the server.
    3.2: Redeem another users code.
    3.3: Access Clan Labs' Roblox accounts.
    3.4: Leak or use another group's credentials.
    3.5: Admin abuse any group or user.
    3.6: Threaten or be malicious against the service or its staff.
    3.7: Resell Clan Labs serial keys.

  4. We will do a group transfer if:
    4.1: It is absolutely required.
    4.2: You have at least 25 days left on your time.
    4.3: You are the owner or you have the owner contact us directly confirming the transfer.
    4.4: You understand that you will lose all data upon the transfer.